Sholay, shitoon, holi, drums and caricatures


The epic drama of the seventies was screened in the open air theater yesterday. ‘Ye dosti’ makes me senti so effortlessly man. I remember singing this song during Saarang Antakshari prelims with a friend who was my best friend once upon a time. I started singing and soon got so senti that I could not sing it. I was more busy trying to hold my emotions. Yesterday too, I was sitting with him and with my lil sis in OAT. Luckily, he came late and by the time he reached the song was already over.

The main arena of OAT was flooded with water to about half a feet because it had rained all day yesterday. In the intermission, sis and myself jumped into the arena and walked in water. It was fun. From far away, I guess we looked like some couple or something to those sitting on the stairs. So the entire crowd, noticed us and then cheered us up and clapped as as we walked across from one side of the theater to another. Ha ha. It really was fun. So yeah, I went and sat away from him after the intermission. And then, when the movie was about to end, Amitabh died, you know. And they played ‘ye dosti’ again, the slow version of course. And there I was senti all again. The first time we had sung the song together was in my first year. It was the hostel nite. Miss those days on moments like these.

Shitoon 50?

I decided to do something really really funny for Shitoon 50. Just that I could never figure out what exactly. 🙂 So, dear readers, a new Shitoon hasn’t come yet. Somebody help me in coming up with some nice shit. I asked Sofie for help and she made me watch this. Man, watch it at your own risk. I saw it. It was like yuckk. I mean I don’t say it’s not funny but it’s just so yuckk.. its.. REAL SHIT..


Today was probably the driest holi of my life. I love getting colored but could not afford that today because of a short film that I am busy with these days. The last to last year’s Holi still remains the most adventurous Holi so far. I just had a look at the hostel. The entire hostel is so fucked up man. All wing walls are totally screwed up with dirty red and green paint. Even after hours, you can still see patches of red colored water reflecting the glow from tubelights, everywhere in the wing and on the staircase platforms. I have always loved this sight. So colourful, so full of life. I wish I had played Holi myself today.

Drummer of the band

Nikhil is the drummer of a band that sucks. Nikhil is the character I play in the short film that I talked about. He has a girl friend who uses him to get something awful done. Today we shot a jamming scene at Kishor’s place in Adyar. Kishor is a nice singer and he plays himself in the movie. I can’t play drums for nuts but Sofie believes I picked it up really fast today. Kishor gave me basic tips, so that I didn’t look stupid on camera while hitting the skin with the sticks. Waiting to see how this movie turns up. A new girl turned up today for the shoot; found her cute.


I have to get about 6 caricatures of Shaastra core guys done, by today mostly. Making Sania’s is a pain in the ass man. I have made three so far and none looks even remotely like him. Tough challenge. Should live up to the expectations of these guys. These caricatures will be printed on a white t-shirt.

Life is happening? Eh, erm.. don’t know! The hollowness exists. I plan to run tomorrow after a long time. Getting back to myself. Slowly, steadily. But I am.

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