Food at Mathura

Mathura is a nice veg restaurant on the second floor of Tarapur Towers (keep moving north on Mount Road, a kilometer ahead of Spencer Plaza). They serve nice north Indian food at a budget rate. The food tastes as good as it does at Sangeetha. The place is spacious and big and has a warm feel to it. The waiters are humble (though not very smart). Ten of us ate there today. We had soups, curries and stuffed parathaas and ate till all of us were full. It cost us Rs. 1655. Fair. Try it out sometime if you are looking for a non-exorbitant place to dine.

PS: Debit cards aren’t accepted at the place but ATMs are nearby for you to withdraw cash. 🙂

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entra mama. U put trt worth only 165.5. lets assume random auto charges at 25 per person. thats 190! We were supposed to get for about 250 , right? and that too on a day when some 5 guys dropped ? Bad name to Shaastra u r getting 😛

that still doesn’t answer where the unaccounted money for the other 5 guys went( it was supposed to b a trt for 15 guys including u). I demand a cid or at least a qms investigation :P. And plz dont say it went down the drain. It hurts,not taking trt :).

I pay for myself. That’s the way it works. Or else I would have taken out you guys in ten trips! 🙂 And I will try to koolt as much I can. 😀 What else can a c(h)ore do? 😛

Anyway, take treat some time da, big deal! Life is big and full of treats! 🙂

Insti junta don’t know about many places! So I make it a point to mention unknown places where you can get good food. And yeah, I agree, Mathura is not something extra-ordinary. It’s good for a change though. 🙂

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