Things that hurt more than stings

It’s probably okay if you screw up a snake’s venom gland (or whatever it is called my bio friends) because the snake-charmer industry anyway is not that big ( and more so, is restricted only to few third world nations). But it’s disgusting to know that there are plans to fuck up a bee’s sting! Given that I am a non-vegetarian, I shouldn’t be getting all senti and furious on the news but, hello, I am. What are human beings upto? Genetically modifying every other creature?

Suddenly I despise the human tendency to consume more and more. If only all of us can become slow consumers, the world will deteriorate at a slower pace. This world is gonna end soon, and I am sure human beings will end up doing it even before any mega-asteroid strikes the planet.

Will someone please make these Tamil Nadu researchers see the Bee-movie? Or make them read that story on power of unity where bees when united defeated a tiger? Will we ever be able to tell this story to our children, once the researchers have succeeded? How fair is it to take away an animal’s identity only to suffice to human greed to consume more and more and in the cheapest possible way?

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Haha… note operating words

“The Tamil Nadu Agriculture University (TNAU) here will be researching on a project to create bees without stings.”

“will be”

This is ridiculous, we can tolerate people sleeping on footpaths while a watchman guards our doors, we can tolerate scores of people going hungry and many being jobless but we have to get the seeds out of the grapes and the stings out of the bees.
Aside from the fact that this is not all that ethical, this is also simply unnecessary and wasteful. Is it all that big a deal to get stinged by bees in a country where basic amenities are not easily available.
I have written about this before, scientists landing on the moon and people taking stings out of bees are exactly the wasteful activities that take time away from more meaningful initiatives that could help more people.

I guess they are trying to do this so that cost associated with extracting honey comes down. But whatever be the reason, it’s just evil.

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