Do you know there was a profile in news last night?

profile in news orkut

It’s so fucking annoying. Clicking on ‘click here’ promises to help you unlock locked albums. Now, what will one lose by trying it out? But why don’t they, who fall for such things realize that they end up spamming everyone on their friend list? A genuine scrap by a friend can so easily get lost between the insane number of such spam scraps.

Fucking annoying. If there is any benefit I see in such a spam, it is that you get to know who are your friends who are so desperate to view locked photographs. Such promises only make your hidden desires public. Stay away from them.

Anyone out there relates to my frustration?

Update 1: See how to find out how such javascripts work here (thanks to Samya)

Update 2: Orkut has been informed about this spam

Update 3: my frustration has come down πŸ˜› (who said public ranting doesn’t help you? Β :mrgreen:Β )

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“But why don’t they, who fall for such things realize…. ”

You fucking little peace of shit .. by the time they realize, it’s so late … and yes they do realize it anyway, like you did !

You can’t be that stupid to make such statement .. I mean .. no one can ! Or is it any mental disorder ?

Btw did any mental hospital test too many drugs on you by any chance ?

No .. relax ! don’t get excited.

This is a script written in java… and once u click on “CLICK HERE”,

the same scrap goes to everyone, in your friend list..

πŸ™„ he he… nothing more than that πŸ˜†

Spot on. It’s so annoying … Why don’t people just check the source code before running such silly scripts. I’ve seen so many “IT professionals” fall for this, that I feel bad for their employers …

Hi Amit…
Well people believe in what they see, which is wrong…

Soft developers are really dumbo people i can say..
they just know how to make soft.. apart from that they dont have general knowledge..

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