Ten random facts about dark skinned Indians

  1. They actually think that creams like Fair and Lovely and Fair and Handsome work!
  2. They think they would have looked ten times more sexy had they been born with a fair skin.
  3. None of their profile pics shows their true skin colour, thanks to the increased brightness and altered saturation levels.
  4. They would not mind ripping apart skin of anyone who dares call them dark.
  5. They are always afraid of meeting online friends in real because that would reveal how they actually look.
  6. Deep inside, they are always jealous of fair-skinned people.
  7. They hate group-photographs where too many fair-skinned folks are present because in such a case, photoshop is found to be of little use.
  8. They look down upon everyone who is darker than them.
  9. At some point of time, all of them have thought about doing what Michael Jackson did to his skin.
  10. At some point of time, all of them have hated Michael Jackson for what he did to his skin.