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How many of you have tried rearranging the order of the side-bar boxes in my new theme? I know it sounds fancy, but you can do it now. Just drag any sidebar-box up or down, and you can easily re-order. Go play. 🙂 The side-bar boxes can also be closed and opened. And if you use the same computer to access my site everytime, the computer should remember the changes you did. Nice, I say.

I have improvised the commenting feature. Now I will be able to reply to any comment as a thread. That means I no more need to use @name format in all my replies. That also means that my replies to your comments will show, right below your comment. Talk about closeness. 😛

Also, if this new theme loads faster and looks better, do let me know. 🙂

PS: I am underground no more. I wasn’t sticking to the resolutions anyway. The only things that I did do were: a. I didn’t login to gtalk and b. I didn’t switch on my phone. It was a stupid idea. I refuse to continue it.

27 replies on “All for my readers”

It’s glaring white!! Am i missing the colors!

Btw, where is ur RSS feed…. I don’t think one on the sidebar is working.
When i put ur URL in my bloglines reader it doesn’t fetch any feeds expect for the podcasts.

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