Shitoon 37: Adventure Sports

Adventureย Sports

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u kno they say lizards on the head bring good luck!! ๐Ÿ˜€

I dont find them gross btw…infact like them in a queer sort of way. ๐Ÿ˜›


Queer!! LOL! Too much.


Human beings! Human beings! Here I was trying so hard to bring out a lizard’s perspective, what adventure sports to a lizard is, and here you are (and so is FOL), talking about how human beings find them gross or not, like them or not, find them tasty or not.

My point so totally lost! Sigh!

Got your point.

This is not any adventure sport for a lizard. Its the daily life routine.

Adventure sport for a lizard would be running out of a chinese’s plate.

oh…so it was the lizard’s perspective…!! I thought many more interesting things happen to a lizard like getting its tail pulled off so easily (the tail still wiggles ๐Ÿ˜› )..falling off a ceiling would be more appropriately a mishap!

@Neelabh: ROFL. Running out of a chinese’s plate it seems! Awesome. I think the entire reptile community would hail the one who manages to do so. That would be a tryst with death !


Lizards don’t keep dropping all the time, at least this is what I have observed. It’s only some times that one of them generally decided to go for a free fall. I saw one doing that a couple of days back, and wondered if it was doing this for that little thrill that human beings get when they go for adventure sports.


Poor wall lizard. All it’s life, it spends on walls, waiting for some insect which could feed it. All it’s life it keeps moving from one wall to another. All it’s life it keeps finding dark corners, away from human sight, where it can rest in peace when it is not hunting. And of course, the whole tail-losing scenes that keep happening. They are more like mishaps, albeit very less severe than what could happen if it were hiding in the door hinge just before someone closed the door.

Jumping from roof, to ground is not a mishap. It’s risky, but there is a bit of control. It doesn’t always kill it (in fact hardly kills it), yet it gets thrilled. It doesn’t help it find more prey. It is in a sense a non-productive use of its time. But yet, the wall lizard does it. Many wall lizards do it. Why?

Adventure sports.

hmm…wonder what your M.Tech is on… Lizards on modern infrastructure ? LOL hehehehe…kidding..but yea why do you think so much when you see a lizard ? ๐Ÿ˜›


I don’t start thinking after seeing the lizard. The way things take place, I usually am thinking, staring at the wall, and there you go, an ugly lizard takes away all your attention.

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