Knock on my door

Every time you passed by without knocking,
I wept like a kid.
Every time you passed by without noticing,
I cried, I did.

Whenever you did knock,
I know I could never smile.
I acted rude and stoned.
I was mad all this while.

I am mad even now, and still
I wish it every time you pass by
that you could knock on my door;
that you could say a hi.

10 replies on “Knock on my door”


Nice poems you had there. Liked them.




Khula hai, andar aa jaa.


Did you call me a pachyderm? Enagu’s have thick skins, not me. 😛

came here after a while.
lame posts!
shitoons lack the punch they had.
I liked the new year’s concept. the other two are uninspired and downright cliched!

I went “thank god” when i saw only 3-4 new posts. looks like you’re busy in the real world… nice. 🙂

instead of blogging about it, why dont you directly address the person whose knock you’re so longing for?


Thanks for the honest comments! 🙂

@Kay gee

Do knock, do knock. And thanks for saying the poem was nice. For some reasons, I never think my poems are nice or anything. They are just a way for myself to let some emotions out.

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