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Crocy the croc

Croc the crocy

In the land of talking crocodiles and other jeev-jantu, there lived a croc called Crocy. He had a long snooty nose and twisted eyes. Poor Crocy had it bad, he was the only alive thing out there in that stretch of mud and water. Every day he would go to the shore to look for some meat, but would find none. One day, the croc looked up in frustration and cried out to God, โ€œVatsap?โ€And Boom! A dabba full of blogshit fell down. And what more? It was โ€œPhresโ€! Crocy never needed any meat after that. ๐Ÿ˜€

PS: Story telling credits go to TMS and myself. Another header-spinning short story coming soon.

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