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Yet another ‘new’ year begins. Like every other year, there are no resolutions. To the old problems, there still are no solutions. The air today is exactly the way it was yesterday and besides a play in the numbers, I fail to see a change. Who expected a change anyway?

I had decided to be alone yesterday. I ended up being alone as the year++ happened. There were temptations, illusions. I fell for nothing. I refused to let anyone read my eyes on the last day of the year. They eyes hid so many things. They still hide so many things. I fear those who I know can read my eyes.

Sweet memories sweet memories
Stay with me my memories
You are the only one I expect to stay
Everyone else, look, went away

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Nice blog dude. but i have not read much hear.
seen it everynow and then.

why dont you add a hit-counter, i am curious to know how many visitors and hits this page has!

@TMS : I think it was “look, everyone else went away” … the ‘look’ is for the memories, as in speaking to those memories, and the position is for poetic flow… thats what i gather…

@Amrit : Short, sweet and touching… but may be you shud look again.


TF answered you.


Thanks. About the hit-counter, there used to be one. Then I realized I don’t need that. I will continue with that. I only check visits per day, and on peak times its close to 300. In holidays it was in and around 100.


Thanks for answering TMS.

About the looking part, I will try looking again. I should, shouldn’t I?

Hey nice poem. Short and sweet. Happy new year 2008 :D.
I wish all your wishes come true.
n yeah..only memories stay..everyone and everything else..just goes away. Awesome line…im gonna copy it…muahahahahahahha. 😛

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