Analysis of the human beaviour…

… based on terms people use to find my blog could be funny.

Google searches to vatsap

Let me just do its.

Saarang 2008: Some jobless despo non-iitian who is already getting exited on getting nice opportunities to hit on girls who do the rounds in insti during Saarang

Dekh Le India: Some movie producer who wants to confirm if some unheard of B grade movie by the same name has already been taken or not.

Vatsap: Some chootia who typed vatsap in the google search tab instead of the address bar

Son fuck mother story: Incest mother-fucker

New year fucking: Santa

Ten downing street: A girl who was asked out by a despo guy on new years eve to give him company. I am sure that after reading my review, she would have agreed. 😀

IITians corner: A weird IITian who actually thinks that some such corner exists!

Yu-fly lifter: Misre

Fuck: What the fuck?? My brain refuses to interpret this one.

Coanda fly: aspiring Misre

IITian consulting: No, it wasn’t me!

mai meri patni aur vo dvdrip: Poor LAN less kid who hasn’t even heard of something called torrent

First fuck story: Someone who is going to hate Google for making him land in the land of shit instead of

Undressing a passed out girl: Guys! Guys! Guys!


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Cheer up! 🙂 It wasn’t that bad!


I was inspired by that wonly.

@Kay gee

Feels good to see you back in the comment-baazi market too! 😀



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