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How to get laid by an IITian?

The purpose of this post is to bring any girl who searches for the above mentioned line to my site. And if you are that girl, you are at the right place. Drop a comment and I will make the arrangements.

And to those who are so very much sure that no one is ever going to search for something like that, I want to tell you folks that I also thought the same till today. Today, I happened to have a look at recent stats and…..

Well, let the picture below (which is all text by the way) speak those thousand words to you!

search iitian

Any Reddy IITian out there reading it? 😛

PS: I lost all of last week’s post and that included all my three interviews for the phres IITian series (that being the reason searches like the last, the second last and the fourth last brought people to vatsap). This finding however has made one thing clear. I should continue the Phres IITian series and always ask them about their marriage plans (can already see Vatsap turning into a matrimonial site for despo girls to find crazy IITians :P)!

PS 2: I managed to get back the lost interviews! Yayy, the Phres IITian series is back!

28 replies on “How to get laid by an IITian?”

what really cracks me up, is that people expect google to provide magic answers for such queries. “how to marry a rich guy and have great sex with multiple orgasms everyday”

Heh. 😆 I’ve met a few of the species in RL – they totally have an IIT-chhapa fetish. And no, I can’t direct them here, cos I fervently hope I’ll never meet them again! 😛

What can I say…You get all kinds! 😀

Notice that the search term was “How to marry an IITian” and not “How to get laid by an IITian”. There is a not so subtle difference between these two terms

@Geetali (and TMS)



LOL. I need to talk to you about the tees. Spent three hours in putting fight to courier. Failed! 🙁 Don’t kill me.


Your interview is back! 😀 Go, cash now! 😀


He he


If someone out there thinks that Google can help her get fundays on marrying an IITian, I guess some weirdo could also try for this search! 😛 I am just trying out my luck… (wish me ATB 😀 )


amrit vatsa is basically an ass with a blocked asshole. This blockage results into shit blogging. Remem. that’s why his shit comes out through his mouth.

Now you know why daily morning amrit is ready with a shit in his bog (oops.. blog)

Help him clearing out his blocked asshole, n if you’re in love with his shit, leave it blocked !


searching for an IITian just to make it more sure that the other one will make sure comforts for the one who r searching n love has many forms…n will come some other time in life as money n comfort comes here first…

wat the hell of stupidity. let me clear u all guys dat none gal is crazy for GEEK iitians. n no mean to make site for dem . dey are nt god n can never b

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