Why orange?


I guess green was unlucky for me. In less than two weeks of having a green header which proudly displayed an attractive toilet paper, the site got flushed down, literally (although by mistake).

I think I have picked up this good (or bad or ugly) habit of doing a color change every time the site goes down then is back again to entertain its million readers. And this time, whether you like it or not, the color thats gonna rule the shit, is orange. Personally, each time I look at his header, I say ‘yuckk’. Blue was so cool. Even green was fine. But orange? Yuckk again.

:mrgreen: But then, what the heck, I want this yuckk header to flourish because you never know what proves to be lucky for you. My hunch tells me with the confidence that only Spartans would have shown, that the orange shade, and the red background, and the house-flies are going to take this site to places (and hopefully places which don’t stink)!

By the way, let me give some good news to those who have been missing Shitoons. Get up tomorrow morning to be entertained by a hand-drawn strip. I have already finished drawing it, but it’s time for a booze treat now. Cyao.

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You know the orange could have been the NICE orange, but i guess you’ve taken it upon yourself to make it murky and slushy. 😛

Anyway, here’s hoping I don’t come back to find another Vatsadown – For How Long? header! 😀


You delete it this time, and I am going to kill myself.


Congrats. Treat de. 😛

@Random visitor



Murky and slushy! LOL! 😀

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