Shitoon 26: The Big Leap

I wish I could help. In fact sometimes I wish I hadn’t taken that technological leap from free blogger account to a paid url and borrowed server space, which by the way was next best thing to Armstrong’s leap. But the geek in me could not resist the offer to be a budding champion of open-source. The designer in me went ahead and took the risk of living on the edge all for the sake of those unbounded creative gimmicks it could play to enthrall the readers.

Sorry my dear readers that I fail so often in keeping the spirit of shit alive and burning without even a second’s pause. The geek in me is so ashamed of its geekiness that after two days of downtime, all I have to offer to you is a Shitoon which captures the trauma that I have been in the past 48 hours.

Theย Leap

8 replies on “Shitoon 26: The Big Leap”

LS…. I wonder.. wat is this shit ? cartoon, theme, sense, fun or none ?

I had seen most of ur cartoons n..

buddy u r loosing the grip


I do end up in shit. I do manage to come out of it. So wish me good luck.


The geek in me also has this ego issue. It won’t let me go back. ๐Ÿ˜›




Back from the blue earth (free blogger), a personal url and server looked like a moon. I made that leap, reached the moon. After for certain reasons, I wonder if I just landed myself in shit.

Never mind if you don’t get that or the fact that this shitoon intentionally lacked color. There are layers I don’t expect many to penetrate.

Shitoons with lessers layers will come too where I hope I do manage to retain the grip.

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