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Shitoon 16: POLE

Shitoon 16: POLE


I don’t know how many of you got the pun here. This shitoon was not about the cock-size of John Abraham or a good caricature of his. It had more to it. It was a mockery of the new trend of extensive marketing and pre-release promotion of a movie to sell it. Rakesh Roshan is the big daddy, who brought this trend to forefront (remember the lame Krish toys and lamer masks which became the dream possession of every dumb-metro kid for two full weeks?). ‘Hrithik ke takloo papa’ had loads to do with making the importance of such a marketing realized across the philm industry and the result is everyone seems to be jumping into the bandwagon.

In the good old days, movies worked simply if they were good. Even today, there are movies which work simply because they are good. But then, there are movies which are made to work, sold in a way that public can’t refuse. OSO was the latest such example, an ordinary movie turned into a huge block-buster.

I won’t say marketing and promotions are a bad thing. I won’t say they are good things either. But I have all rights in this world to make fun of those who do it only to see that when the movie finally comes out in the theater, public goes and pukes over the crap that being presented to them.

Dhan Dhana Dhan GOAL (yeah, that’s the real name) is the latest movie which was relying too much on the pre-release hype [news link] then than a tight script. John was made to visit this city and that town. He was asked to turn up for football matches. It was even projected that football was his passion in life. LOL!

This shitoon only takes this whole marketing bit a little further. UTV reportedly made its money even before the release of movie. Since the whole movie-making is slowly turning to a pure money-making shit, there could be a time, when Sunny Bhasin (what John is actually called in the movie) could be called Sun Bathin (so that girls know they are gonna have a nice look of the perfect body that Mr. Abraham’s got), and the lady doctor who has a crush on him could be called Chumaana instead of Jumaana (so that everyone already knows that there is going to be a minute long kiss scene). And in sometime when public won’t be anymore interested in having just a free dinner with a star or ten stars, offers like what John offered in the shitoon could turn out to be the only things that sell.

Heroes will Rise (or kick footballs or whatever), for sure. But so will public. Shitoon won’t. 🙂

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@genner guy

The public is so star-frenzied these days, that they enter any damn contest just for the love of their stars! If you asked me, the answer were (a).


I am sure the update will help your eye-balls


Once in a while, that’s okay. 🙂

@TF, Aniket, Kay gee

Thanks. But guess you missed the pun totally. Check the update.


You are living in an illusion for sure. Things never are, what they appear from the surface. Welcome to the real world. 🙂

It’s sad that an artist had to explain his own art, as opposed to the “critics” (privileged public) coming up with theories to help people understand it. 😛

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