Shitoon 13: Art

Shitoon 13: Art

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I know man! I do not understand how or rather, WHY people pay so much for some shit ? 🙂

Would seriously like to meet some art lover/collector and talk to him about it and understand their point of view too.


Colours of life.


This aint any less that literal shit dude! 😀


Do try doing that. Will be fun. 😀


Prejudice kis baat ki?


LOL! Indeed!


I see in you the possibility to be a successful contributor to Shitoon as a story writer. Like the offer? 😛

agree with you on this.
art collection is not always about the art. its about possessing a piece by a renowned painter. besides, it’s value will increase over a period of time. it’s big money business!

Shitoon’s taken a big leap with this strip. You’ve become an art critic and a social commentator. way to go!
PS: delete all your shitoons before you die. people will go mad hunting for copies. they’ll be worth millions. I’ll download them and keep.

Hmm…two things.
1. I agree totally on the hussain’s-paintings-are-load-of-shit theory.Load of crap.. Only his titles of paintings are readable…that too as long english words strung together. Make no sense to a normal mind( Im not talking abt old brains-who-lust-after-heroines.Hehe. Fab topic for a shitoon.
2. I dont like the idea of u making fun of the painting’s theme. Ganesha… not quite my idea of a joke.


Still waiting for a single story mere jage hue Jaanwar!


Nice plan you are cooking to be a millionaire! But how do you know I will die before you? 😛


Sorry for the unintended resemblance to Ganesha which has been altered now.

I have been digging into Shitoons since the past three hours, non stop. I must tell you, this is THE best of the lot!
I accept, modern art is the little old graffiti everyone drew on their walls till their mother’s came and gave a spanking.

I don’t dislike art as such. I dislike the endless interpretations of the art-critics. And of course, I fail to understand the unexplainable prices!

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