Shitoon 12: I hate all

Shitoon 12: I hate all

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what a coincidence… i have a post written (will be posted soon)
about how ppl love their comments 🙂

I ask the same thing everyone else has asked you on this page..who is the kid ? ( cant be you…coz u just statistically analyzed that your readers are up more than 1.5 times!! ) 😀


Nothing. Was lost yesterday. Felt like a lonely kid. Sobbed for a while. And then thought to make fun of the whole situation by trying to create a shitoon out of sadness. Works well, you see.




I can relate to the poor kid. But the reason that her mom gives is a satire.


Yes, my readership has increased for sure. So if the kid is me, then the mom really doesn’t know the truth. 🙂

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