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Shitoon 10: Uncle, Uncle

Shitoon 10: Uncle, Uncle

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6 Am in the morning after a night out doing a stupid assignment, Shitoon is a nice way to kill time. 🙂

Keep shitting!

arbitrary to say the least… but funny nonetheless…
reminds me of ‘dubyaman’ when it used to be funny…more recently, of ‘the week that wasnt’ , which i find hilarious
u rock


All the time 😀


It ain’t arbitness. It’s arse-shit-ness my friend.


I hate kids? They are the hero of my strips!


The header and the shitoon came after having eaten the same food. 😛


Thanks for being a regular reader of Shitoon. 😀

O Yeah…and nice blog title bar. (Confession: I did not like the previous one). The title bar took time to load…just noticed it 😀

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