Shitoon 9: The Race

Shitoon 9: The Race


I did not go and write the exam today; didn’t fee like. I usually don’t write exams if I haven’t prepared well for them. I don’t like doing something where I can’t emerge as a winner. I can’t see myself failing. And the fact that very recently I failed at something still gives me jitters. Bad ones.


I will just keep shitting around, be it for the good, or the bad.

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Tigers don’t sit on trees and watch rat-races. They are either hunting or crashing. More than anything else, they really don’t keep shitting around. 😛

And birds of course as they see, are the real free creatures; free to fly anywhere they want to.

This Shitoon was the celebration of the free spirit who refuses to enter the rat race.

Big-beak is his girl-friend by the way. 🙂 Even birds are lucky in spite of all the shitting.



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