When the stop-watch stopped

Today I planned to run less. Five kilometers to be precise, or in other words 12.5 rounds of the 400 meter lap in stadium. I wanted to time myself today, for the first time. If I could run five kilometers in 18 minutes or less, that would mean I was good enough to represent insti. I thought I’d better check.

To get some idea about what pace I needed to maintain, I ran one lap at a fast pace (not the fastest that I could) as a trial run. It took me one and half minutes. Pathetic! But there was one thing for sure. If I had to run twelve and a half rounds, there was no way I could run faster. That meant it would take me a minimum of 22.5 18.75 minutes to run five kilometers. Eh, the thought was so demotivating.

Nevertheless, I decided to do full five, and see the time. I entered the stop-watch mode of my thicker than needed cell-phone, held it in my right hand, started the stop watch and started running. I ran and I ran, faster and slower, and faster again. The seventh lap was about to get over, when I decided to see the time once. I pressed some button on the cell phone. And there you go, I ended up exiting the stop-watch mode.

Fuck it. I was running as if my ass was on fire and I fucked up the timer after having run about 2.5K.

I left the field and came back. Frustrating run! Also, not having eaten any thing since morning (except two paneer puffs) left me too weak to even think of trying it out later in the evening. I shall try it out tomorrow though, in the morning for a change.

By the way, the Indian Infrastructure Blog is back in action.

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