IIT Madras Golden Jubilee Logo

An old promise to the dean. Fulfilled today. 🙂


IIT Madras golden jubilee logo


Copywriter: Dalal, Vatsap

Graphic Art: Vatsap

Update: Another version mostly for web application (it aint flat anymore)

IIT Madras golden jubilee logo 2

Update 2:

Based on suggestions in the comment-section, I tried changing the IITMadras font and have also made iit in caps. I am sure Dalal is not going to like the all caps IIT. 😛

IIT Madras golden jubilee logo 3

Update 3: Check out the final logo here.

8 replies on “IIT Madras Golden Jubilee Logo”

You have time till tonight. Please make a better one fast. And no, no iitm logo should be there.

Somewhere the message of Indian growth should be exhibited (in the logo above, the tricolor of the arrow head denotes India, and the arrow head pointing rightwards and slightly inclined towards top shows growth).

“Leading Technology” is frozen, i.e it HAS to be used.

No, it’s not big as the name IIT. It may better represent a state engineering college’s jubilee. Its too stunted for any of the IITs.

A big zero with both thumbs down!


I have been a regular on your blog. I have forwarded this link in some alumni groups and you should be getting some feedback by today evening (hopefully).

Keep writing.

Am not sure why the IITM logo should not be used atleast in some morphed form or as a translucent background. That is one sure fire way to reinforce the idea/msg/insti. Another idea for tagline: “Leading Technology Education and Research”


Celebrating Technology sounds much better.

Also, wouldn’t it look better if IIT was in caps instead of lowercase. iit looks weaker and the font used here reminds me of the one they used for the Nintendo Wii. Try caps.


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