Are deadlines made for me?

I was so absent minded since day before that I wasn’t even aware of the last date to apply for Schlumberger or Transocean or Credit Suisse.

Yesterday evening, I was wishing happy diwali to everyone on my gtalk list, one by one. Chanani’s turn came and following is the conversation that we had:

me: oyechanani: yup

me: well.. happy diwali 🙂chanani: same to u 🙂

me: thanks
: have u uploaded your resumes

me: no
: schlum

me: whenz last date
: 2day

me: he he
         ok ok karta hoon
chanani: site is down

me: oh shit
chanani: i thought u had buzed to say that

me: 🙂
        feel good that you got one buzz among so many, which was just to wish you diwali 🙂

chanani: yup really thanx a lot me: 🙂

The careless me! I am not even trying for higher studies (or apping in short). I haven't yet started preparing for CAT (less than 10 days left?). And when it comes to applying for jobs, I don't even know when are the deadlines! Oh, by the way, Chanani is the Academic Affairs Secretary of IIT Madras. He later informed me that due to server downtime the resume deadline was extended to 9 AM next day (i.e today). I didn't have a ready resume. It took me a couple of hours to make one. LAN was gone by the time I was done with it. I planned to get up at 5 in the morning, exactly when LAN is active again (there is no internet between 1 AM - 5 AM on week days in IIT Madras in the hostels), upload my resumes and then go for running. I slept. When I got up the next morning, it was 9:02 AM. Shit! I jumped out of bed, switched on the laptop, and with anxious eyes waited for the placement site to open. Ah, what a relief, the option to upload was still active! Ha ha. Ha ha ha. Thank God I was not going to miss my chance of trying it out for Schlum just because I was sad on Diwali and couldn't get on time. What a shitty thing that would have been! Nevertheless, finally the job was done. Soon after I was done with uploading my resumes, the options to upload was deactivated. Sweet! 🙂 I guess deadlines are made for me. 😀 Now, today was the last day for many other companies. So I ended up wasting most of my time today uploading resumes for at least six more companies. Ah, painful thing to do. Seriously. But wait a sec, the story ain't yet over my friend. One of the companies for which I applied, plans to take an aptitude test on Monday. There was a deadline to register for that too. 4:30 PM today. As I was about to go for running in the evening at about 4:50 I suddenly realized that I hadn't registered. Shit! I had to change my running route slightly to reach the Placement office first and though it was kind of odd to walk into the well furnished office in my shorts and shoes, I did walk in, and did register. I guess I was the last one they allowed to register because by the time I was done with registration, it already was 5:10. I am sure, deadlines are made for me. 😛 It was an easy run today till after about six kilometers, the abdomen suddenly started hurting. First it was the knee, then the ankle and now the abdomen. How long will my body take to realize that I am not going to give up, so it better adjust to my ways! Let's see. The ankle still hurts by the way. 🙂 But then, Volini rocks!

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