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The Shock of Recognition

I saw the video and did not like the way I spoke in the play yesterday. I had tried a high pitch voice, but I spoke too fast to be clear. I am not satisfied with my performance though many said that I was good. Fuck, I could have done it so much better! Nevertheless, watch the play which has been put up in four videos here.

I enter the scene in the third video, and if you are interested only in seeing me without clothes, then that happens in the last part.

Have fun!

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Update: Narmad got the 4th place.

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Not actually. I haven’t seen much of him btw. But could be. I should watch some Mr. Beans episode to see if that’s really true.


🙂 Dancing? Hmm… let’s see.. 😀


Thanks. Yes. Four years ago.

fyi, Mr. Bean is a mute character (well, 99% of the time). watch his live sketches at Boston University theater or something like that… (not Blackadder series)

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