Excuse me, Mr. Babu

I am sipping the second mug of black coffee for the night as I write this post. It’s morning already. It’s five in the morning. As soon as I am done with this post, I will leave for GC to catch up with Mr. Babu and so that I could join him in running and fix an appointment to interview him.

Some questions that I really would like to ask him:

  • What shoes do you wear?
  • Give me tips for Marathon.
  • When did you realize this was your passion?
  • Say you come in the Guinness Book. What next?

I guess the list of questions can go on and on.

Oh, by the way I do have two classes to attend (between 11 AM and 1 PM) and a term paper to submit on privatization of Delhi Jal Board. I stayed awake all night today working on my term paper. Today is going to be a tiring and interesting day. Will come back with updates.

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