Guess my weight

Guess it. Guess it.

When I last mentioned my weight, I said it was 67.

Weight lifting is going to be held today. Every contestant was supposed to get his weight measured between 8 and 9AM. I went for that. And guess what my weight came out to be? 62.4!

Ah. I don’t understand my body. I guess the digital machine that was used to measure my weight was more accurate than the analog machine I used last time. Also, today like everyone else, I stripped before measuring.

62.4! Hmm. So I was in 62-69 category instead of 57-62 category. I knew I could get rid of 0.4 peacefully if I visited bog once. But you should hear this, I was adviced by a fellow weight lifter from hostel that there already were stud guys in 62-69 who have been lifting insane weights. Even my hostel’s weight lifting captain can’t beat at least two of them and if he does his best, he would come third. That basically meant there was no point in myself participating in that category. Sounds stupid but makes sense. Narmad, if has to get points in that category, will anyway get.

I could have practiced yesterday. But, I spent my time somewhere else. Till 12:30 in the night. I could have avoided that but there are certain things in life which you know won’t lead to anything but you still feel like doing them. Anyway, I had beer after coming back, fell on bed and crashed. A junior weight lifter woke me up in the morning and asked me go get my weight measured and you know what followed after that.

I cannot lift 50Kgs in snatch.

End of weight lifting enthu.

I give up. I lose. Lemme go buy a pack of fags. Stayed away for enough time.

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