East Coast Run

It’s a marathon being organized in Chennai by Sounds like a nice idea but the event is kinda too close. 4th of November! I found about it through Krib’s post.

I have been running about eight kilometers daily. But the marathon is 30 kilometers long. Right now, it sounds totally insane. How the hell can I run that much?? Running all the way from Toll Plaza on East Coast Road to Mahabs!! AAww, it hurts even to think of it.

Wait a sec, does it sound insane? Niceee. Then this is something I should definitely give a shot. 😀 I guess it’s good enough to get started. Physical strain is anytime better than the mental calamities that keep throwing me off the hook whenever I am about to get happy. Alrigh, so lemme put some strategy in place.

I can run in two stretches: first stretch of 15 kilometers and next one of probably 8 Kilometers. After that I guess I will walk till I am two kilometers away from Mahabs and then run again to finish the race.

Fair enough.

Oh, by the way, if (it’s a big if) I get shortlisted in Mckinsey (I really don’t see that happening though), I won’t be in Chennai on 4th. But if that happens by any chance, I will make sure I run along Juhu in Mumbai. 😛

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Chennai Runners’ marathon huh? Interesting. But let me warn you, they are too slow… they only tend to pull you down along with them… At least when Kallu was there, it was good fun to run cauze he ran at a good pace.

i am amazed at the pace at which you blog!
instead of marathons you should take part in blogathons!
you’ll win hands down! 😛

PS: noticed that a post has disappeared from your blog.

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