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The fitness phreaks

IIT Madras hosts a lot of fitness freaks. They are everywhere. But the best lot can be found walking on the cold asphalt in the early morning in the non-student zone. In the student zone, it’s a sin to be awake early morning, even for the security guards. The only excuse for you to be awake at say five in the morning is if you put a night out. Anything else and questions are raised about your being normal.

Coming back to the best lot of the fitness freaks, each on of them seems to be telling a different story.

Some walk. And they walk so slow that it appears that they found a snail somewhere, developed a bonding with the sweet little creature, and decided not to leave it behind in the long journey called life. Good people they are.

Some walk. And they walk so fast that you wonder why don’t they start running itself? Is running a crime in the staff zone? Or they fear what’s the point in running when they anyway cannot leave behind even the slowest deer on campus?

Some are really fat people and when you look at them, you don’t notice if they are walking slow or fast. The only thing that you notice is that they are fat. You can see the desperateness in their eyes to shed few extra kilos and start looking like normal human beings. But no, even they won’t run. It seems someone told them that if they run, that would induce extra stress in the asphalt pavement underneath their feet, rendering the road unusable for motored vehicles and forcing the institute to fine them for their inhuman act.

Some are hopeless. You can see them traveling on a car. And then you can see the same car parked near the stadium. They fear death sentence if they run anywhere else but the stadium. Gosh, I wonder if they run even in the stadium! These folks could have yet another reason for going all the way to stadium to run. Probably they don’t treat machines like machines. A car isn’t just a car. A car has life too. It’s like a family member who needs love, affection, care and a decent morning walk. Whatever!

The kids are the best. They don’t run because they want to shed weight. They don’t run because they wanna be fit. They run because they love doing it. There are no hidden reasons. There’s no agenda.

Try running in early mornings. It’s full time entertainment in fresh air. 😀

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LOL! Yeah….given that im a sane student…i cant imagine getting up 15minutes before a class (any time of the day..n that too only if there is a test innit!!) Been to IITM…seen the entertainment :D. But i prefer the deer to anything u r talking about :D. Pity, the only things we have is dogs here 🙁

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