I might, I just might…

…be able to help Narmad (my hostel) get at least a bronze in weight-lifting.

I started mugging late for tomorrow’s quiz. During a coffee-break, as I was coming back from the coffee shop to hostel, I noticed couple of guys practicing weight-lifting in the hostel common room. I couldn’t resist the temptation to join them.

The first thing what I inquired about was the weight categories that they were in. All three of them were over 69. My hostel’s sports secretory (who wasn’t there then) is the only guy I know who is in the 62-69 Kgs category (same as mine). That basically means that there is no reason why I should not go and participate.

About the winning part. These guys there told me that if I could lift 50 kgs in clean jerk category I should be able to get a third place or even a second place. That sounds nice because then and there I could lift 40 kgs (by pure brute force and zero technique).

Wikipedia says:

Weightlifting requires strength, speed, power, technique, skill, flexibility, accuracy, and consistency. A weightlifter’s strength comes primarily from the legs, specifically the muscles of the quadriceps and posterior chain.

Consistent running and regular work out has strengthened my quadriceps for sure. But it’s of no use, until I make use of the correct technique so that my leg’s strength are actually utilized during the weight lifting exercise.

I have exactly one day to practice the correct technique. The ideal way out to win is to first learn the technique by practicing with lower weights (I guess 30-36 Kgs) and then after having learned the art part of it, try the real act that eventually gets Narmad points in Schroeter (name for the inter-hostel sports event in IIT Madras).

Will I be able to pull this off? Will Narmad get additional points in Schroeter because of me? Or will I end up making a fool of myself or worse still, end up tearing my muscles?

27th of October, Saturday shall tell it all.

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