Being filmed

It’s raining in the sun as I write this post. It’s nice. It’s lovely. I like the smell of the air around me.

Sun’s radiations when trapped for longer duration lead to global warming. Everyone is talking about global warming these days. A guy in US is making yet another documentary. He passed out from IIT Madras many years back. He is in the campus today to interview some students and film them. I have also been asked to turn up for the same (there are a couple of others). To brush up my fundays on Global Warming, I watched this documentary called An Inconvenient Truth. It was good. I liked it. You should try it if you haven’t already seen it. This documentary might change the way you perceive the possible adverse impacts of the continuous rise in global temperature.

Academically speaking, many things have popped up at the same time. Week is tight. I still blog. I still run. And I am still in love. 🙂

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we were shown that movie last sem by prof Dilip as a part of tech and dev course.
that is the most conceited, painful, propaganda movie I’ve ever seen.
its nothing more than an exercise in self publicity.
what new thing did it teach you that you dint know already?
its a total waste of time. you’d be much better off watching some discovery channel show.

PS: the last sentence is beautiful. 🙂

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