I Shell apply

I had not applied for Shell. The deadline was over. And guess what? They extended the deadline! Now that they are being so gracious, I will apply for it. 🙂

Already applied for Mckinsey. If I get shortlisted (that would a be rare occasion), I should be flying to Mumbai.



It was beer time yesterday again. I gulped down two full bottles of Kalyani’s Black Label 😛 Hick! Hello, before you make any conclusion about my taste of beer brand, let me tell you that I of course never pick Kalyani’s or for that matter Golden Eagle because I want them. It so happens at times, that the booze shops run out of Kingfisher or even Havard’s stock! Kalyani’s is definitely not great, but its okay as long as it is cold.

If Cigarette smoking is injurious to health, here’s a better one (discovered by an observant boozer yesterday as he was reading the label on the beer bottle): Liquor destroys country, family and life. LOL!

I am so sorry India.

I am so sorry ma, papa. I had beer!

My dear life, please forgive me. I couldn’t offer you anything more.


By the way, I am still not fagging. In fact at times I wonder if I ever fagged. 😛 I should go back and read my post on ‘Why you should smoke’! 😀

But I guess I know why I am not fagging. I don’t care about my country or my family or my life but I love my health. 😛 😀

Government is funny, kuch bhi likhwati rehti hai labels pe. Heh.



The bus came at about six. I was free in another half an hour.

Ran from 6:30 to 7:00 today, the same old inside IIT route.

Chennai is getting cooler. I like it when it rains. The only problem comes while running. Shoes get spoiled and socks get wet.

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