Setback Time

As I finished my more than six kilometers of running routine today morning, I decided to go to gym and weigh myself.

67 Kgs! Shit! Fuck! End of game.

Since last eight days, I was under the impression that I was 62 Kgs heavy. I surely must have had misread my weight more than a week back when I last measured it, for there is no way I could have gained five Kgs in such a short time. I definitely don’t stand any more chance to get even a bronze for my hostel in weightlifting. Do you ask why?

There are different weight categories based on the weight-lifter’s weight. 57-62 Kgs is one, and 62-69 Kgs in another. Had I actually been 62, lifting 70 Kgs of weight would have made sure, I get at least third. Now that I suddenly find myself in the next higher category, I don’t even want to find out what’s the new target. It’s impossible for me to go beyond 70 in nine days. That leaves me with only one option if I still want to compete: lose weight.
I am not sure if I really want to do that. For my height, the ideal weight is 69. So, as of now I am underweight by 2 Kgs. Is it a nice idea to lose weight for the sake of a sports which I am not even sure of winning?

More important than that, how am I supposed to lose five Kgs in eight days? I already am running more than six kilometers everyday. Running any more is not a great idea. The only other thing that I can try out is start eating less. But that again would be sad because without enough food, I won’t be able to work out, or even run as much as I have been doing.

Suddenly 27th October is no more important. Inter hostel weight lifting is going to be held that day.

It’s a fucked up case. It’s setback time.

By the way, I didn’t feel like applying for Shell. Something was wrong.

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If you are underweight, when you work out you put on more weight. It makes you more fit.
To hell with weight lifting. Continue to enjoy your runs up and down. Will give you a boost. 🙂
Aaaand… Why didn’t you apply for Shell ??

@TF, Caesar

I know its weird. But somewhere from deep inside, something told me I did not want to do the kind of job Shell had to offer. It’s weird. I cannot explain.

Or it could be that I disliked the whole idea of a complicated resume submission!

Caesar, I am really sorry. Sometimes I just go by my gut feelings. Shell isn’t the company for me. But I still hope whatever job I get is in Bangalore. Summers were awesome! 🙂

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