Why don’t Yu Fly?

It was called the Coanda lifter before I named it Yu-Fly.

Yu fly

And I did see it flying two days back. Should soon upload the video.

Yu fly flying

But if you were to ask my journo friend from TOI, she would mostly say that it flew by precisely 2 cms! LOL! She had come over to cover this Spirit of Engineering Project for Shaastra 2007, when we saw the demonstration and shot pics. My only contribution to this entire project has been the name and the logo! 😛

Now I had no idea about the branches of the coordinators. So when she asked me this particular question, I generally guessed and told her that most of them should be in electrical and mechanical. Then she went over to those guys and asked one of them about his branch. The dude proudly declared: Biotech! Her reaction (she told me later): “shud’nt he be carin about some realy flies ‘n not yu fliys!!!”. ROTFL!

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