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Passion For Cinema, PFC has announced it’s first Online film festival for One Minute Movies called PFCOne. I got to know about it from a mail sent to the BRTFF group. Talking about BRTFF, today I received my BRTFF tshirt that I designed a couple of days back from Hrish. And Hrish, if you are reading this, it fits well man (so what if it’s a L)! 🙂

The jury for this one minute movie making competition is really impressive and includes creative new movie directors like Anurag Kashyap (No Smoking, Black Friday, Paanch), Sudhir Mishra (Hazaron khwashishein aisi) and Onir (My brother Nikhil, Bas Ek Pal). The prizes are however not tangible (read: in cash 😛 ). But who knows, the worth of the intangible rewards ends up proving to be way more than any cash that can be give off!

Check out the details here.

Last date of accepting entries is November 15th, 2007. Anyone interested? Two folks have already confirmed to work with me on this but I am still in search of a nice one minute story! Someone help me out please.

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You are in. Keep checking the google doc (I assume you got the invitation)


You are in too. I am still waiting for your idea. Mail it soon.


LOL! That deserves at least a half an hour movie da! 😛 One minute won’t be able to justify such great story. 😛

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