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I am back to my black coffee mode since a couple of days. My black coffee just got a little stronger. And finally I have one person around who likes it as much as I do. There are only two other people besides her who match my taste for self-made sugar less black coffee. One is my darling bro in Goa, and the other is my cousin in Bangalore who gave me an awesome company all the while I was in Bangalore for my internship.

If you are someone who is fed up of tea and have had enough of the regular Indian coffee (read: the one with milk and sugar), I encourage you to give black coffee a shot. I won’t say, you will like it in one go, but once you have developed the taste, you will die to have it.

Easy steps to make your own black coffee:

0. Buy these things:

    • a coffee mug
    • a bottle of Nescafe Classic (please don’t get Sunrise because it is not pure coffee, it has got chicory in it)
    • a small coffee heater (which comes for less than 40 bucks and can be found in any small shop which sells wires and switches)
    • two spoons (why 2? read on to get the funda)
    1. Fill the mug with water
    2. Boil the water using the coffee heater
    3. Add two heaped spoons (big spoon) to the water
    4. Mix it up using the another spoon
    5. Enjoy your coffee!

    The reason I insist on another spoon to do the mixing act is that, it makes sure the spoon in contact with coffee powder is never moist. Moisture shortens the life of the coffee.

    7 replies on “Back to Black”

    or… just drop by 345, Narmad and Amrit will welcome you with a freshly made mug.
    my suggestion: most of you wont like it so don buy it, first try it…

    tastes awesome.. and smells heavenly…!


    Lol. You took Black Coffee at CCD in your first visti! 😛 Try international coffee there if you haven’t yet tried it. It’s amazing.

    THE best black coffee can be brewed only by the one who is having it…. i mean it depends so much on the way you prepare it… it done nciely.. the aroma simply fills the senses!!!!
    black coffee rocks!!!


    ‘only by the one who is having it’, so truly agree with you Sam on this. I hate the black coffee that mom makes for me! 😛 She just never puts in enough coffee.

    And Black Coffee does rock! 😀


    Anytime dude! 🙂

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