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Let me go back in time and remind you about this post where I had given subtle hint about the shit getting popular and dragging me along with it. Amrut recommended Prachi, who is a final year journalism student in Chennai and writes for the The Times of India group, to have a look at and see if she found me interesting enough to be written about for an upcoming assignment of hers. After nearly a month since Prachi and myself first talked, the article is out in the Chennai Edition of today’s Economic Times. If you get this newspaper, do check out Page 3 of the the Education Times supplement.

Education Times article on vatsap

Here is the full article:



Prachi Sibal in conversation with an IITian who is wondering how he got there

Adding finishing touches to yet another sketch in his collection, Amrit Vatsa is snuggled in an awkward position, eyes fixed on the object of work, no sign of distraction. Step into room number 345 at the Narmada Hostel and you will see walls, wardrobes and every other available space in the room filled with caricatures, sketches and other art work.

Vatsap, as he calls himself, (thanks to the sheer tragedy of not being given a nickname when he entered college!) is a young man of many talents. He is a 5th year student of ‘Infrastructure’ Civil Engineering,as he wishes to emphasise, at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. Like most others of his clan, he says,”Sometimes I sit and wonder what got me to IIT in the first place.”

Having begun as a designer about two years ago, Amrit has moved on to avenues outside his college curriculum in the past year and a half. His first few designs were for in-campus events like Shaastra, the IITM tech fest ,something he continues to do even now despite the off-campus assignments flooding in. “Managing the design job in the Institute (read Insti) in itself is a challenge enough. For Shaastra 2007, I have a brilliant design team working for me. I am leading a team of 12 guys (and girls) who do most of the job for me. They include copywriters, photographers, graphic artists, traditional artists and trend spotters,” he proudly says.

His recent off-campus projects include a logo and a T-shirt for the Bangalore Roof Top Film Festival, a company profile brochure for a BPO and a logo for a Web 2.0 company. Amrit has also designed logos and T-shirts for the second edition of, an event that helps bring venture capitalists who can fund a business and entrepreneurs who have a product to propose. Besides these projects, his logo was selected in a competition, for an NGO.”If you are wondering where I picked up these designing skills, all credit goes to my uncle in Mumbai, who is an animation artist. He was the one who taught me Photoshop,” explains a beaming Vatsap.

Designing isn’t the only passion in Amrit’s life – his talents are multifaceted.He sketches for leisure, and noteworthy are the caricatures that decorate his room,every nook and corner of it.When asked about sketching as a profession he says, “Sketching is a passion.It’s different from the other work I do.I don’t like doing art for money.When someone offered to buy my stuff I didn’t feel like doing it anymore.”

His other hobbies include acting,where he has gained a lot of institute level acclaim,composing tunes and making home films. He has also tutored children and is an enthusiastic blogger. Amrit also runs a blog on Indian infrastructure, that is a platform for many in the field for comments and suggestions.

When asked about his future plans, he tells us,”I want to earn money,get a job,at least for a while, though I really don’t know if I will stick to being an engineer.I do want to be in the creative field but not until I have earned a little.”

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I protest!!

We put insane fight to get an article about Shaastra and look at the man here.. gets a whole page on himself!!!


Congrats dude..


Yeah, let’s see how long it really goes! 🙂 Thanks.


Quite a revelation! 😛


Fuckmax indeed! 😀


Thanks! 🙂


Thank you. And you are a wonderful artist yourself!


Keep catching up more often in the mornings da! 😛 It’s fun.


Ahem. Nice to know that my popularity meter is going up! 😛


Thanks. I hope to be a proud alumnus soon Mr. secretary! 😛


Heh. Lolz. Yeah.


Thanks. And if you keep making as good flyers as you made, you will soon be in paper too! 😀

hmmmm….indirect tho it may be….such feedback for a story…m impressed ;)….n even more proud of my choice of the ‘celeb’….

aha..some luck i have. A female finally asks for my contis( this, as other iitians will kno, is a cause of much celebration, bumps and booze) . But alas ,they always want my details only when i am the anonymous dude. Once i’m non anon and mystery is resolved , they loose interest:(. Woe betide ur clan. (Btw, im assuming ur female from ur name.., but thinking twice here cause an internal loop in mine is saying that females gen dont ask for my details, so u see the contradiction)
And sorry vatsa for pouring my heart out. I wont ever spam ur comments column if u don’t want me to.
And yeah, my training offer still holds:D

@Gen guy

Lucky bastard! 😛 You are welcome to keep spamming sir!


Wish I could pass on the details, or rather I had them. So it’s all upto the gen guy now to approach you! What say gen guy?

yeah, trying to figure out a way in which only prachi gets my details..trying to leave some subtle clues here., but failing miserably:(. U tell me da, how i should go about it??
prachi starting a blog or something or putting her email id between 8 and 8:10 pm tomorrow would be of some help. if she/u feel insecure, she/u can delete them after 20:10 . if she feels more secure, can put her ph # too:)

huh!…i thot ppl dint quite like.ora rathe hated my ‘general’ writin…my blog mite jus end up givin u more of the sort…neways……one place where m open to criticism….

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