Hear about the Man of the year

Mostly because of lack of anything else to talk about, here goes yet another take on yet another movie. ‘Man of the year’ has got Robbin Wiliams who I remember mostly from this movie called Mrs. Doubtfire which later got redone in Hindi and was released by the name of Chachi 420.

What kinda folks will like this movie?

Well, this ain’t really a very off beat movie. But it’s good. You will like it if you have at least some interest in American Politics. The movie afterall is about a comedian talk show host becoming the President of United States. By the way, believe me when I say that for some reason or other, Williams looks a lot like Bush to me. Heh! If that was done intentionally by the makers of this 2006 release, they surely have succeeded. Hey listen, if you like Robbin Williams, do watch this movie. I am not sure if there is any comedian around who can peacefully pull off as American President. He is worth watching. So if you don’t care about the actor, this movie isn’t really a must watch or anything.

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