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How a poster gets done at Shaastra: 3

Part 1 Part 2

This is the concluding part of the three series post which talks in detail about how a poster gets done in the best organized technical festival in India referred to as Shaastra. These posters were being worked upon so that they could be sent over to various colleges all over India, inviting students from different corners of the nation to come over to IIT Madras and participate in some of the many interesting events.

Let me post the final posters that will be printed and dispatched.

Breakthrough poster

Truly Madly Deeply 2

we celebrate final

Do you notice the last poster? If you have read part 2 of the series, you will realize that it’s the same ‘We celebrate’ poster with a totally revamped design. I had to do it, because the last one was still not so appealing. The Truly Madly Deeply poster remains almost unchanged but if you notice properly, it looks nicer now.

And the first poster that you see here, was conceptualized in flat 10 minutes. It’s great to have a big team with many people. But at times, you just don’t have the time to call them all, brain-storm and come up with something extensively creative. During such time, you open photoshop, close your eyes, think for few seconds and build something out of scratch that looks good. Job done. Aniket helped me in finding suitable images for all the three strips and modifying the initial poster. Finally, it looks neat.

There is a brochure too that shall be dispatched in the same envelope which will carry all these posters. And talking about envelopes, they were designed too! Just that I don’t find it necessary to put each and every design work that my team gets done!

Alright, enough said. Before I end, if you are an engineering student, do come up to my insti during the Shaastra time (3-8 Oct). Cyao.

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If you are in insti, you will get to see the hard stuff, some time before Shaastra. Hope it doesn enhance your enthu!


🙂 Thanks

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