ROPE-ing in some work

The latest professional work for which I got paid.

ROPE poster 1

ROPE poster 2

A bit on ROPE:

ROPE is a company incubated by RTBI of IIT Madras which takes manufacturing to villages in suitable sectors through a rural production outsourcing model.

It has developed a replicable model of ICT supported production organization, execution, inventory & supply chain management and client interface with opportunities of rural entrepreneurship.

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Wish I got enough money to hire assistants! 😛

@Full of life

Thank you for the ‘cool’ comment! You are in BITS no, go to Ankit. He knows enough fundays to put you. Ask him for it. If he says no, lemme know. I will make sure he helps.


Thank you! 🙂 When is your new sketch coming up?

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