Dekh Le India

Dekh Le India

Sometimes winning is everything. And this time, Yash Raj Films was able to win my heart completely with its 2007 release of Chak De India.

I could see the trend of YRF picking up new style but something like Chak de was totally unexpected. You have YSF and SRK, you expect a Muhabbatein or worse, KANK!! But when you end up watching a delight of a movie like Chak De, you wonder what took these guys so long to make a classy movie like this? The movie is just studd, and if this is not yet another remake of some hollywood flick, then I totally respect whoever wrote this movie, whoever chose the actors, and of course all those who acted.

Dhoom and its sequel that came up were cheesy and stylish. But they were artificial. They were cogged efforts. They relied on copied stunts and comic book story lines. They worked merely on the glamor value. They were hollow if you ask me. Chak De is totally different. This is a movie devoid of overacting, kung-fu stunts where people fly, over glamorized babes, okays sort of story line and last but not the least, that stale SRK who had so far only uttered senti crap with the same damn senti face (which he had discovered probably in KKHH). This movie is fresh. Everyone in this movie is fresh. Everything about this movie is fresh. Chak De tells you that you don’t have to make a Black to make a movie which is close to reality. Oh, the movie is so damn real, and still so non-boring till the end.

Go watch it. Dekh le India.

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hey don’t compare it wid BLACK. agreed it’s nice, but BLACK was class. no offense intended towards chak de 🙂 go watch it people, DEKH LE INDIA!


Chak De and Black belong to totally different genres. They of course cannot be compared. The similarity between both the movies is that when you watch them, both look like real happenings. A movie maker can achieve this only if he has done his home work to perfection.

Black scores over Chak De if you talk about world class performances, amazing cinematography, and an extremely classy approach to movie making.

Chak De scores over Black when it comes to fun value or rather commercial value. You don’t feel very happy after seeing Black, though you definitely are satisfied. Chak De is lively, commercial, made for everyone kinda flick, and in spite of all that, doesn’t compromise on anything at all. No item number, no faltoo comedy, no nonsense. I am still not over the fact that I actually saw a SRK movie which I liked so much. 😛

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