No I didn’t misspell independence. I prefer calling today the Indipendence day. My country became free sixty odd years ago, and ever year since then, we had an extra holiday in the list. A holiday! To celebrate indipendence! Weird!

A better way to show respect to the nation would have been to work for few extra hours on the 15th of August.

I shall remember this day for a long time. It was past midnight and I was high on booze. I was with an interesting bunch of folks. They were high on booze too. Those were the few minutes before I totally lost it when I started playing the Indian national anthem on mouthorgan. And guess what? All the guys stood up. Boozed up, drunk and shaking. But they stood up. I don’t know if you call that respect but at that very moment, I felt proud to be an Indian. We were people from different places, out there on the terrace, united together to let ourselves escape to another world. We knew each other because we were in the same college. The common thing about us had always been the fact that all of us were IITians. And yet, at that very moment, there was just one uniting factor that hit me. We were Indians. And we weren’t just another bunch of Indians. We were guys who could decide how India would be doing few years down the line. India definitely needs a li’l more than just respect. It needs us to work for it.

I guess this is what the day is all about. It is about the celebration of being an Indian. Wish you Indipendence Day.

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I’m still reeling from the after effects of that. Felt no profundity, but the joy of being in the company of such men was more than enough to feel good about life in general and the country in particular.

yeah.. true… a holiday… infact a dry day with pinches every guy who boozes to booze the night before.. jus to feel the fact that its a dry day…
it seems to me like the eves of dry days see more ppl boozed than any other normal day…

Beautiful post… but are we really independent??
Not really..I can’t choose my own intern..can I?? 😐 😡


Not sure if it really was great. But yes, it was funny.


Well, I kinda agree with you. But I am sure you know I didn’t booze because the coming day was a dry day. I boozed because I HAD to.



Dude, I worked my arse up in the office on 8/15/2007. Still feel like a slve.

Mr Gandhi………Where are thou? Come free us..


I am proud of you brother! 🙂 Sing ‘Raghupati Raghav’ a couple of times to call Bapu. And if any Gandhi will do, then I should tell you that his son is doing rounds in a couple of screens. 😛

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