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I like the fact that I got into boozing and fagging araam se. Had I taken up these stuffs any earlier, I would never have been able to enjoy my last yeat at IIT as much as I can see myself enjoying now. Fifth year is about living life King size. And that I am doing.

Will you believe that I have been here in insti since Last Friday and did not have to attend a single class so far! But classes apart, there are things that can be talked about. They will be talked about. 🙂

Star Rocks

A dear friend, who once lived in the wing and now works in Bombay put an awesome booze treat at Star Rocks. Star rocks is a pub where they let you in even when you are not in shoes, if you persist a little (and have few girls in your group). The music in there is extremely loud. No, wait. Extremely is an understatement. It’s you-have-anything-louder-and-the-whole-building-will-crack loud. LOUD. Alright. I guess I made the point.

Now if you are wondering whether we still liked the place or not, the answer is a big YES. We were in the mood to booze and tap our feet on the beats. The loud beats. The beer was followed by Tequila shot (my first attempt at Tequila by the way). And man, all nine of us were high like anything. No, we didn’t lose control but we were high enough to have a blast. A big time blast. Imagine coming back to insti and crashing right in front of Diro’s quarter. 😛 Lolz. I am going to remember that night for a long long time. Thank you Pandey for the treat man. Pubs in Chennai are too costly for a poor student like me to afford. Bangalore was so damn cheap you could bathe in beer. 😛


And then, another dear friend who has been working since couple of months gave yet another booze treat yesterday. Two full bottles of Kingfisher Premium. I have totally shifted to beer these days. No Vodka for me! Let the five point someone guys be happy with that. Vodka sure has glamor. But beer rocks! Anytime. I hate getting high for no reason! Well this place where I was treated yesterday (it was his birthday) was Manhattan near Marina Beach. The place is not a pub but a resto bar and I so much missed music there. Forget about loud music, the guys had just a TV set playing a Tam channel! Jesus! All we got to hear were Tam one/two/three/whatever lines being put by two pot-bellied Tam VJ’s on the channel. The crowd there matched those VJ’s. 😛 And not a single girl arrived during that entire two hours that we were there! Never mind. The booze was good enough. So can’t really call the place, a dry place.

Ah, do I already sound like a drunkard? 😛 Hick! 😛 😛

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Beer?? I thought that you are still after Breezer..

and dude, I think I should get a mentione, whenever you talk about booze


Man. I give you all the credit for what I am today 😛 (hope the Dean reads it! 😛 😛 lolz)


You got me a breezer and for the next two years i kept believing that I had Vodka, and had neat, and one complete bottle! Lol!


Thats what they called ‘ignorance’. Had you been into booze business, you never had thought so.





Gimme your number.. SMS it at 9312798032. I would recharge my phone tomorrow and would call you

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