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I am sure you remember about BRTFF. The second edition of the Roof Top Film Festival in Bangalore is happening on coming Sunday. I was in the waiting last time and so was very happy when finally I was let in. 🙂 This time I did a stupid thing. I added my name to the CRTFF wiki some time back and thought I had done so for BRTFF. Lolz! That was dumb. And I realized my mistake today only. So once again, poor me is in the waiting list! Aarghh.

Hari and myself put in loads of super-natural-skills to come up with a nice t-shirt and the logo for this event. Hope you like the designs.

BRTFF 2 Tshirt

BRTFF 2 Tshirt back

I hope I am able to attend it this time again. Let’s see. In any case, Hrish shall be mailing me a free Tshirt if I am not able to reach Bangalore for the fest myself. 🙂

Lavanya has a nice post on BRTFF 2.0 here.

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I jump naked in my room thirty seven times, holding an empty bottle in my left hand and a soap box in my right, to get such ideas. 😛 Talk about super natural skills. 😛

Yes. Definitely meet me sometime. 😀


I use Adobe Photoshop CS2
Thanks for appreciating the designs. All the best with your experiment with designing.

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