Gtalk Skin 2

Finally found out a skin that works, is stable and totally compatible with the latest gtalk version available till date.

gtalk gt_plug

It’s four main features are:

  1. It has a sky blue tinge
  2. You can set the transparency
  3. It has built in emoticons (you don’t need any separate theme to display emoticons)
  4. If you send a youtube or google video URL, the gtalk window will show the video directly

Though look-wise it doesn’t appear as cool as the previous skin that I talked about, it is the only working thing that I have been able to find so far. Try it out. This is the download link. But since yesterday, the site is down, I guess because of an apparent unprecedented rush of folks who want to download this skin.

Temporarily, you can download it by clicking here. Scroll down the page that opens up and wait for a minute before the download begins.

Known issues:

  1. The emoticons have a problem. They will work in the first line that you send. But if you send another line in a row, the emoticons won’t show.
  2. If you already are using some kind of theme, then don’t get this skin. Many gtalk users use a mytheme.exe file to get background images and emoticons. All such users should avoid installing this skin or else error boxes will start popping up. The only way they can use the skin is by removing the earlier skins completely. mytheme.exe doesn’t give you the option to uninstall. So, what you can do is, go to /program files/ and delete the dash folder. Then uninstall gtalk. Then reinstall gtalk. And then run the gt_plug.exe program to get the new skin.

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My cupper comp is teaching you things 😛
I wish it learnt a few things like firefox n task manager n IP access 🙁

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