The 8RF Game

Here are the rules:

  1. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
  2. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
  3. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

Bharath tagged me. I decided to continue the game with a broken rule number one. And here I go.

Eight random facts about myself

  1. Till I was eighteen, I always thought that I would get killed before turning eighteen.
  2. I started my election speech in class tenth with a self-composed eight liner hindi shair. And before anyone could raise any objection to my narrating a hindi shair, I was done with those eight lines. All the students in the assembly line were totally amused, and so were the teachers. The rest of the speech that followed was of course in English (like everyone’s else). But when I look back now, I realize that I had already secured my victory by the end of those 8 lines. (I got more than 90% of all the votes cast even when there was a nice looking girl as my competitor.)
  3. I hosted a one hour musical magic show for school kids after my class tenth board exams and made money out of it. Back then, becoming a professional magician was one of my career alternatives. The world made sure that could never happen.
  4. When I was a kid, I climbed up a less than three inches water pipe that runs from the ground floor to the terrace of my double storied house in Patna, just to see if it was possible. It was.
  5. I started drinking black coffee because I found it very inconvenient to buy milk and sugar. Now, I don’t like any other coffee.
  6. I hate wall-lizards. Hell, I am shit scared of them. They are so pulpy, pulpy, yuck!
  7. I always thought that I danced extremely well. Dad had got a big video camera a decade ago, and every time it was switched on, I would hit the floor. Family entertainment! 😛
  8. I wrote a c++ code in the vacation that followed JEE2003, to manage bank accounts for Dad’s branch (he works for a Public Sector Bank) which actually worked for two months. The first bug was reported when I was in my first sem and when I looked back at the code, I myself couldn’t understand it. Dad had to give up on me. 😛

Hmmph.. this was a tough job!

And before I can say Game over, let me comply with Rule 3.

I tag: Twilight Fairy, Neha, Dhruv, Neelabh, Ankit, Nimit, Sagaro and Geetali.

Alright. Done.

Game over.


The following have taken up the tag so far:

Dhruv>>Twilight Fairy >>Neha>>Neelabh>>

10 replies on “The 8RF Game”

U DID NOT FOLLOW RULE NO. 3 which says “Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.”

U did not notify… well i know now u r gonna ans “I already knew tht u will read it urself !”

Anyways u know wht I was also thinking about the same game whn i saw it on some blog ….but u started it … What a coincidence…probably this time U read my mind. Interesting !!

Cheers !!!


Was waiting for this one. 🙂
My answer to you is: I took advantage of a small flaw in the rule. The rule nowhere mentioned the time within which I needed to notify. 🙂 If all those who have been tagged, don’t leave a comment here, I will surely do the honors of notifying them. 🙂


You already mentioned one fact about yourself. So all you need is 7 more. 🙂 Go ahead, post them. And you get a blog treat in return. I will tell you what it is, when you are done with the posting part.

“I will tell you what it is, when you are done with the posting part.”

This is a milder form of black mail, I resent. I object. I shall not lose my dignity to a Kaiser Soeze 😛


You getting pained with me! 😉 Nice try!


If you are not happy with a black mail, I am willing to send you colored mails. And if colors are not what you are look for either, I guess an e-mail should do.

Let me at least go ahead and tell you what a blog treat is. A blog treat is a comment to a post which says “Thank you” 😛


“If you are not happy with a black mail, I am willing to send you colored mails”

Dude that just qualifies for the “This years biggest mokkai” award.


My great fortune! But my biggest (re/a)ward would be 7 more facts about thou sire, the young movie-maker of the town.

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