This happens at office

Orkut banned

orkut banned pin point

All of sudden, one fine cheerful Monday, I come face to face with a sad discovery. Orkut is no more accessible from my office. Of course I feel it is incorrect. But contact my service provider? Heh! Nice try.

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Thanks for that. Though I am not an orkut-addict at all, I do like checking scraps whenever I am notified about them on my gmail. Powerscrap worked.

LEt me tell you the sites blocked at my office:

Gmail, Orkut, SHAASTRA :'( and infinite others.

Also, Powerscrap is blocked here .. so its ..!. to me!! 🙁

Blogspot too!!! Thankfully your blog is not a blog anymore, so I can vent out my frustration here 😉

Btw Amrit, this software called ‘websense’ is installed on my network here and it is blocking under the ‘image servers’ category, any ideas to get around this?!

and ppl using laptops…y do u worry..u get net so cheap..just put one card (airtel, reliance, tata) in ur lappi.
arnd 10-15rs per day
and 230kbps speed


When it happened that day, I assumed that the restriction would continue! And hence I was pained. But I guess, someone else felt it was incorrect and got the thing back from next day onwards! 🙂

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