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Don’t BULB

The other day I was watching the IIFA awards ceremony on the computer-cum-TV that my cousin has. I remember Preity Zinta speaking few words on saving power, saving energy, and giving out other such messages on control of Global-Warming. She was speaking on behalf of the film industry. I was delighted to see that a glamor stage like IIFA was being used to promote something as sensible as energy saving. And I was delighted because it’s a fact (at least in India) that the common mass realizes the importance of important things only when important celebrities talk about them. The recent polio vaccination campaigns pushed by Amitabh Bachchan and SRK are good examples.

Besides other things, Preity talked about using CFLs instead of the regular bulbs. And there’s a very good news on that front today. An extremely innovative idea will soon make it possible for CFL manufacturers to sell them for as low as 10-15 rupees (they cost more than 100 bucks currently). You can find out for yourself, how this is going to be made possible, especially if you are someone who has heard of carbon credits or the Kyoto Protocol. Never mind the jargons. Sometimes, I get mean. 😛

So the new message to India is: Don’t BULB 😛

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There are several other schemes that are being thought of and many being implemented on the retail front to make CFLs a more viable option.

I will tell you more when we meet next.
Neat post. I really wish more people read such posts and become aware of the scenario.


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