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IIT Madras rocks

Looking at sponsors, hmm. What’s it? Shaastra?, Ajit inquired as I was having a look at the Shaastra 2007 sponosr’s page.

I usually wait for the morning tea to arrive before I get down to work. And since I arrive at the office quite early, I always have loads of time to read blogs, to write blogs, and besides other things, to ensure that Shaastra has a smart look all the time.

Reminds me of my IIT days, Ajit continued. Mood Indigo! But Bombay’s is bigger than yours. Isn’t it?

I could see him smiling. I could see the pride in the eyes. I had to reply. Shaastra is our tech-fest, not the cul-fest, I replied.

Oh. Ok. I was into the e-cell department of our Techfest. Not sure if I got it right, he expanded the ‘e’. Entrepreneurship Cell. Our techfest meant more to us than Mood I. I could see that this IITB>>IIMB dude was lost in his old days. The good old IIT days. I decided not to carry on the IITB vs IITM war any further (if you call it a war at all). I decided, I would just show him how cool this year’s homepage had come out to be.

Here, have a look at the landing page, I asked him as I opened

Sahi, so you guys outsource this website work?

There you go! It was my time to feel proud. 🙂 It was the time to declare with a smiling face (so what if I dont’ look great when I smile) that Shaastra was our fest. OUR. We did every bit of it. OURSELVES. The posters. The videos. The websites. The ambiance. EVERYTHING. And we did it like professionals. Now was the time to take a deep breath and feel like a peacock. As proud as a peacock.

I didn’t have to say much. All I said was, we do it on our own. In fact I am partly responsible for the way this site looks.

Oh, so you did it?, he was surprised.

Not me. I have a team. I make them do work. 🙂

Well, Ajit wasn’t in a mood to try to project Techfest as something cooler that it was. I guess it was more to do with the fact that he passed out quite some time back. After certain years, it’s very kiddish to keep shouting at everyone that your insti is the best. After certain years, every IITian is a good friend. That’s it. You just grow up!

So, he continued with the plain truth. Well, we used to outsource our website work. Even now I guess it still is outsourced.

A sense of satisfaction replaced the feeling of pride. I felt more happy than proud to be a part of a culture which believed in the true meaning of a student fest. Students should make it work. The culture of Shaastra. The spirit of engineering! I passed on my Shaastra visiting card to him, as he left for his cubicle. And though I didn’t have to shout it out loud, the yet-not-so-grown-up (proud, satisfied and happy) heart of mine, shouted out loud: IITM rocks!

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Stud post man!
IITM certainly gives us reasons to be Proud!
It’s time we return the favour 🙂

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