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How to make an animated gif image using Photoshop

After having brainstormed with my copywriters one fine evening, few weeks ago, when the sem had not yet ended, I had finally put my stamp on the revolving-robots funda. Don’t panic if you don’t understand what I mean. Read on. It was decided that the Shaastra 2007 landing page would have 5 robots, each showing its back. When one would hover the cursor over any bot, that bot would flip horizontally and face the user (finally the job has been done, and you can check it out for yourself by visiting the site; and in case you don’t find that then I guess it’s no more 2007).

Besides copywriters, my design team also has regular artists. Two of them. I asked one of them to sketch the bots and he did a great job of it. The images were later scanned and mailed to me.

The video below will explain how you can, very quickly, use two images to make an animated gif file using photoshop. Do let me know if you found it useful.

Note: Shaastra is the technical festival of IIT Madras, the biggest in India. It is run by few core group members. I am one of them. Besides other things, I am responsible for design requirements. And to meet that I have chosen a highly effective design team which has copywriters, graphic artists, photographers, artists and last but not the least trend-spotters. I guess this bit of info leaves you with no confusion, in case you had no idea of what Shaastra was.

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