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Why you should smoke

Let me begin with a quote.

If you give up smoking, drinking and loving, you don’t live any longer, it just seems longer.

There was a time when I was sure I would never ever smoke. It was a time when I could post something like this. But I am so happy that certain things happened in my life a couple of months ago which albeit very indirectly, did make me take up smoking. I lost something that I never wanted to. But then, I got something in return (which I doubt could have happened otherwise). And since then, I have enjoyed each and every fag that I ever dragged. Pure bliss! It might never be able to compensate for my loss, but if there had to be a next best thing, fagging was it.

Before I talk about why you should smoke, I should take up the strongest point thrown to any person against smoking. In two words, they say “smoking kills”. But doesn’t every smoker know that? Then why does the world need to keep on repeating it? Smoking kills appetite, smoking kills brain cells and smoking kills erection. Alright smoking kills! We heard it. We heard it loud and clear. So? Why does one need to take life so fucking seriously at the first place? Jesus died young. Didn’t he? And his death was way too cruel. So please. Don’t tell us again that smoking kills. A lot of other things kill too and I don’t even want to get into that.

And now let me come to the point. Why exactly you should smoke. Don’t smoke because smoking is cool. Don’t smoke because someone wants you to smoke. But, smoke, because there’s only one life and you never know if they sell fags in heaven. Hell, you don’t even know if you will end up in heaven. Smoke, because it will help you connect to your soul. The body will decay sooner or later. Fagging might cut short your life by few years (but believe me there are people who end up living 122 years on fag). But why should you care about those few years? Why do you want to pretend that you have a control over your life? You don’t. So get a life. Say yes to smoking.

Statutory warning: Smoking is injurious to health.

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it seems u “got a life” after all. next time try smoking in front of yr parents and tell them it “connects to soul” and that “the body will decay sooner or later”. they ll be surely proud of ur atmagyan.

congrats on ur better and improved life

btw not smoking is also bliss, try it

ya i know u were a non smoker, so does that mean those 20 years without fag were crap and only past few months have been eternal “bliss”

completely agree and only you have the right to decide what to do with your life. your friends and dear ones may tell you to quit but thats ok i think – its only because they care for you and feel the need to advise you..ultimately its your call – the pleasure of a cigarette vs generally better long term health…. its similar to the pleasure of drinking coke vs (again) generally better heath or a slimmer body …everyone has different priorities in life so each one to his own..just do what you think is the best.
cheers !

@I know who

All that means is you don’t need to tell me how does it feel to be a non-smoker. But thanks for caring for me.


Bhopali Bhopali bhai bahi



dude… a same story here… just a chapter ahead of you… smoking is deffinitely not the replacement for what was lost… you’ll regret for smoking in the future… so keep the word of caution in mind and don’t let smoking take over you… all the best … ASH

total bullshit, i think u were drunk too , while writing this post.

only one reason u shldnt smoke, is dat others(may b frnds, or girlfrnds, or relatives) care for u, and u shldnt give them smoke in return!

i will ask govt to ban ur site 😉

sooner or later ur brother is also going to start fagging cos he emulates u and u need not worry because he also has only “one life” and i am sure they don’t sell fag in heaven so he should use the chance here

there are no why’s here – sometimes when you do certain things, you feel connected – there was a time when smoking could do that for me – today, it doesn’t – it’s been some time that I quit smoking – running helps me connect to my soul these days! 🙂

Not that i really care at all whether you smoke or not, but i think you should write another blog about smoking in 40 years when you can’t walk to the bathroom without somebody wheeling your oxygen tank behind you. I am a nurse on a respiratory ward and smoking absolutely ruins a persons quality of life. Yes, you may live till you are 122 and have minimal health problems, but you also might develop lung cancer or emphysema at age 40, why would you risk that? There are always repercussions of smoking, always.

😐 but if you dont want to die, you can smok but if you want to live, you should stop smoking. Plus it also cost you a lot of money.well but I dont really care if you smoke or not, because its your problem of living, and death. But saying smoking is cool is just so…. Stupid. Isnt it? People said people who smoke cough a lot and have yellow teeth… And also get really weak. People are saying smoke kills, and other stuff because. They are worrying about you. But if you think you are right and they are wrong, oh well you will get lung cancer and die. I am pretty sure. 😕

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