Who is Vipul Salve?

The more important question is: how do I care? But unlike most of the times when I pose questions on my post, this time I do have an answer.

site stats

If you look at the image above, you will observe that the latest net search that brought max no of visitors to my page was for ‘Vipul Salve’. I found it fascinating because I had no fucking idea who he was and why should I have had ever blogged about him. The net is a crazy place, I thought.

But then, I soon discovered that I had indeed mentioned his name in a post, posted about an year ago. After checking that post, I understood why I had no fucking idea who he was. 😛

Anyways, thank you Vipul Salve for bringing people to visit my site. May God bless you.

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hahahaha, true it brought me to this site for the same reason. He is my college senior and a professional from advertising industry.

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